In the fall of 2013, Garrett Johnson began a ten-part lecture & tasting series on loose-leaf, hot tea.  What he thought would be a simple process of seeking information on traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Indian styles of tea wound up being a desperate search for very little information.  This site is not only a repository of tea information from all over the internet, tasting blogs, translated texts, and academic papers, but also a place to share his personal odyssey into the world of this ancient and surprising beverage.  Garrett's love for tea is directly dedicated to his father who developed an obsession with tea after working in a multicultural office for over 30 years.


1.  No tea is bad tea - this is not a site for snobbery.  If you are drinking Lipton tea bags with three spoonfuls of sugar, you're already on the right track!

2.  I do not claim to have created any of the information contained in the educational section of this website, this is merely a repository for this information.  If you are the copyright holder, please email

3. Tea reviews are completely subjective.  This site is not sponsored or endorsed by any company or organization.