Maker's Fair & Winter Teas on the Go

The epic team up of Kern Has Coffee & Garrett Got Tea (Shreveport Tea Series) is back this Saturday, November 8th at the Texas Avenue Makers Fair. I'm going to be selling tea made to order via gaiwan & yixing teapot. As for exactly what teas will be available, I'm planning on bringing as much variety as I can.

Speaking of tea variety, now that winter has come I'd like to shed a light on a much overlooked tea. Outside of oolong, I think that Darjeeling teas need to be promoted more in current society. For me, I will throw my weight behind Thunderbolt Tea. The small things, like sorting their tea by 1st, 2nd, and Autumnal Flushes really makes me happy. If you get on their mailing list, they'll let you know as soon as the harvests are in and up for ordering. Oh yeah, and the majority of their tea is organic, and they maintain a great relationship with the plantations.

For those of you who are unacquainted with Darjeeling, this Indian tea brings the brisk and bitter, malty taste of black tea blends and Assam teas, with a really pleasing floral bouquet. I find them to be the perfect winter tea. I recommend the Puttabong Moondrops and the Singbulli Clonal King, another favorite the "Wiry Musk" is unavailable. Learn more on the Tea Series on Darjeeling.

Finally, I started using my Libre portable tea infuser and thermos for work. I really like this contraption for Indian black teas that don't need too much room to expand. The one below is loaded up with Darjeeling!