Thanksgiving Tea Adventures

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday break. I know I appreciated the time off work to go visit family in Denver, Colorado. While visiting, my wife and I took a day trip to Boulder, CO where we visited the Ku Cha House of Tea shop on Pearl Street.

I thought this tea shop provided an excellent selection of teas, with room for tisanes and an area where you can make your own herbal blends. In the back they had a screened off room for tea tasting. The low tables and relaxed atmosphere made this place a perfect stop. You had the option of having your tea served in a basic, small teapot or on a tea tray with a full gongfu serving set. We opted for the full gongfu set, of course! I had a five year old Shou Mei white tea cake, while my wife had a Dong Ding oolong.

I parted with purchasing a raw puerh that was pressed especially for Ku Cha as a house offering, and a puerh tea aged in an orange - something I have often seen but never had.