Where to Order Tea Online?

Updated 6/17/16

I often get asked during the Tea Series events, where do I get tea? Unfortunately, in Shreveport/Bossier, we have very few options for loose-leaf tea. The only places I have seen it are at World Market and Bao Bao Food Market (be prepared to do some translation). As passionate as I am about staying local, tea is a commodity that is best left to vendors that are reliable and source their own products.

Here are some online vendors that I have dealt with and recommend:

  • Mountain Tea Co. - Specialize in Taiwanese oolong tea, I love their Imperial Pear and Dong Ding
  • Tea Trekker - A great resource for tea information too, they sell a great variety and follow seasonal releases
  • Camellia Sinensis - A Canadian store that has some great Chinese black teas, white teas, and everything else you can imagine
  • Yunnan Sourcing - The place to go for Puerh and for teaware needs
  • TeaVivre - Great selection of Chinese teas
  • Thunderbolt Tea - The place to go for Darjeeling tea, I love how they display teas by flush and plantation.
  • White2Tea - The premier source for curated puerh. Subscription available for impossibly great tea. 
  • Seven Cups - Crazy great white and green teas, with great sales.
  • Crimson Lotus - Another premier  "new school* puerh vendor for curated, specialty teas - not using these buzzwords frivolously.
  • Eco-cha - Terrific source for Taiwanese oolong. 
  • Tealet - "Farm-to-table" tea vendor specializing in USA grown teas
  • What-Cha - An interesting array of teas, including ones from Malawi. I'd recommend their Fujian oolong offerings. Great prices.
  • Taiwan Sourcing - a pleasantly curated selection of Taiwanese green, oolong, and black teas and teaware.

There are other retailers like Upton Tea, Adagio, Rishi, and Teavana, however I prefer to go through stores that specialize in a certain style of tea.

Things to consider when purchasing tea:

  • Do they identify what plantation, factory, or village the tea originated from? Year and season are certainly important and should be a requirement. The more information they give you, the better.

TeaVivre does a great job at providing a ton of information about their tea

  • Does the retailer provide instructions on how to properly brew the tea? Generally, be wary of instructions that seem odd such as brewing loose leaf black tea for 5 minutes.
  • What information can they provide on organic or fair trade practices? It's a good sign if companies are caring about providing these details. I wouldn't make this a deal-breaker unless you are dealing with a larger company, a company that is choosey with its teas will not sell you a tea that is dosed with pesticides.
  • Be careful about where the dealer is located!  Sometimes you can pay a lot of money on shipping costs from India (personal experience?).

Questions? Looking for a specific recommendation? Email shreveportteaseries@gmail.com