New Yixing Teapot!

I finally made it back to Houston to visit my parents and attend the LSU v Wisconsin game. I had totally forgot that they had a Yixing teapot waiting for me to pick up from them! As I'm sure you've gleamed from the Reviews, my parents went on a tea tour of China in April, bringing back a collection of rare and high-quality tea.

First of all, where is Yixing? Yixing is located in the southern part of Jiangsu Province near the Yangtze River Delta. Due to this marshy landscape, the region produces a unique porous clay, which is used to create pottery. The porous clay allows the vessels to absorb trace amounts of the beverage, adding a more complex flavor.

For us tea drinkers, this means that dedicated use of a Yixing vessel will absorb the tea and create a patina specific to the type of tea being used. My previous "Yixing" pot is unfortunately a knockoff, not actually comprised of the famed clay. I do love that teapot though, and will continue to use it, as it is conditioned to be used with roasted oolongs. This new pot, however, was seasoned after the photos below, to be used with raw puerh. I broke it in with the White2Tea 2002 White Whale!

Click the photo below for more pictures: