Tea Review: 2013 Da Hong Pao/Big Red Robe

I just received a shipment from TeaVivre, whom I have never received tea from before, in preparation for the upcoming tea series on Chinese Black Teas.

As I navigated the TeaVivre website to order the other teas, I thoroughly enjoyed the detailed descriptions of the teas including exactly where they were sourced, the tea leaf/bud combinations of what was plucked, and who exactly was the distributing company. Additionally, I go to pick my own samples to be shipped with my order (very rare).  I chose a sheng puerh and this Da Hong Pao.

The photos below chronicle the adventure in tasting this tea.  I chose 200 degree water temperature and infused for 2 minutes the first time, and 3 minutes the second time with no rinse beforehand.  The resulting tea was more brisk than I imagined, with a very faint sweetness.  No real fruit notes in this tea - mainly mineral & earthy with the infused leaves smelling slightly like cannabis (I tend to associate this with all roasted oolongs).

Altogether, I found this to be a first-rate example of Da Hong Pao and my experience with TeaVivre was excellent!