Tea Review: Bailin Gongfu Black

This tea is from TeaVivre and was ordered due to its rarity in preparation for the Chinese Black tea Tea Series.  I went in having no idea what to expect, but was overjoyed with what I found.

Similar to Golden Monkey, this tea has very fine, twisted needles with golden hairs in them.  First infusion produced an unassuming bouquet at 200 degree water and a one minute infusion time.  The taste of this tea is amazing.  A word that gets thrown around easily in our culture, but very fitting for the taste.  Not at all brisk, bitter, or even reminiscent of other black teas (Assam, Darjeeling, Sri Lanka, Puerh), this tea is very sweet and chocolatey.  Add a relatively low caffeine level and plenty of room for resteeps, and you have a quality tea drinking experience.