Tea Review: Longjing "Dragonwell"

I could not be more excited for this tea.  I've always heard that what matters in Longjing is freshness, something unachievable by going through major, online tea distributors.  This tea, also brought back from my parents' trip to China, is about as fresh as you can get.  It has a hastily written date on there from my Dad stating that it was picked on April 6th, 2014!  Now that's fresh.

It hails from Long Jing Village near Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.  The photo shows the original 18 "Mother Bushes" and the titular Dragonwell. The full story on Longjing can be found in the Tea Series on the Famous Teas of China.

My parents visited a tea farm in Long Jing Village near The Lion's Peak (Shi Feng).  After tasting many different qualities and dates, they purchased this fresh tea harvested on April 6th, one day after the Qing Ming Festival on April 5th.  It is not quite "Pre-Qing Ming" but it is as close as you can get without spending a ton of money for identical quality.  Very smart of them!

My wife and I went though about 5 steepings of this tea using 175F water and it held up very nicely.  This is going to sound really weird to say, but this tea tasted like I was extracting every bit of flavor from it.  This tea was full of flavor and after having some lower grade Longjing this past week at work, I could easily tell the difference. The smell, the taste everything about this tea was what you would hope for from a fresh green tea.  I would say that there were hints of honeydew, mint, and asparagus.  But all in all, what it does taste like is green tea in its purest form, with a flavor all its own.