Tea Review: Shui Xian

Shui Xian also written as ShuiHsien is a very famous Wuyi Rock Oolong. These teas are nearly indistinguishable from one another, due to having similar origins at the base of the WuYi Mountains from the same cultivar.  I found the Shui Xian to be an exceptional tea mainly because it was roasted perfectly, allowing more of the floral notes to shine through. Xia Mei is an old village near the WuYi Mountains, where canals and beautiful stone and carved wood buildings are scattered.  Shui Xian is translated to the Water Nymph, Water Goddess, or Narcissus.

Like other Rock Oolongs, this tea is roasted, though not as thoroughly as the Tie Luo Han, allowing the smell to be sweeter.  This tea was infused for 45 seconds at 190F water several times, each cup yielding a full flavor. I should have put this tea in my Yixing tea pot, which would complement the roasted taste.  The leaves were large and unfurled without needing a rinse.

The color was an electric orange (not sure if the photo does it justice) and while other reviews used terms like honey, milky, or fuity to describe the taste, I would lean toward woody.  What I really appreciate is the balance in this tea, walking the line to not over smoke the leaves.  This is a great addition to the shipment from my parents, and I will be drinking this again in my Yixing tea pot.