Tea Review: Malawi Satemwa Antlers

I've heard a LOT about What-Cha, mainly from folks in the /r/tea sub-Reddit where the owner of What-Cha is a very active member. They offer a really unusual collection that contains teas, like the Satemwa Antlers, that you can't find anywhere else. They source from unusual locations such as Nilgiri, India & Portugal, as well as Malawi where this tea comes from.

When placing my order I definitely had to try out the Satemwa Antlers, as I had never heard of that variety before. The Satemwa Tea Estate is the only tea producer which uses the "antler" style - using not the leaves of the tea plant, but the 1"-3" section of the stem. I was a bit skeptical, as I have never really enjoyed lower-grade white teas, like Shou Mei.

I was actually shocked at how much I enjoyed this tea! I opted for the recommended 175F water temperature and used a one minute steep time. The taste had a lot of hay in it, lots of mouth feel, and tasted thick compared to the perception some might have of white teas. It was also notable how long the stems held up for multiple infusions considering that there aren't any leaves!