Shop Tour: Teavolve in Baltimore, MD

I was in Baltimore for work and had to seek out a local tea shop to check out during my stay.

Teavolve has a really great name, and an even better atmosphere inside. Lots of large windows and a high ceiling make the space seem roomy, while stylish wooden partitions keep the noise down. The teas are served either hot in a single serving cup, a candle-warmed pot, or iced. Tea cocktails and non-alcoholic tea based drinks give customers a wide range to choose from.

Let's talk tea, real tea. There's not enough of it! Of the tea menu presented, most of the teas were not straight up camellia sinensis! They even have a section labeled "Tisanes", but that doesn't include their other teas that mix herbs with their tea leaves.

I went with the Imperial Gold Oolong, which proved to be a decent Taiwanese Oolong and it was exactly what I was looking for in the windy 60 degree weather. I also had the hummus plate, as I was having lunch an hour later.

Tea snob gripes aside, this was a great experience and a wonderful haven to introduce people into loose leaf tea. As I have said: if you're drinking tea ANY TEA, you're doing it right.