My Iced Tea Recipe

After being outed as a sweet tea hater, I thought I'd show how I brew iced-tea. My Dad perfected this recipe over time, using similar Assam tea from Upton Tea. I've seen iced tea brewed a variety of ways and there are certainly correct and incorrect ways to do it. The worst is using a concentrate like FUZE, the Coca-Cola brand. The next step up is using Lipton gigantic bags, which are used for almost all tower-stand iced tea makers. My favorite commercial iced tea is at Panera, and it should come to no surprise because they use Republic of Tea for their product.

Growing up in the Louisiana heat I would drink gallons of iced tea, made by my Dad. Below is how it's done:

And that's it! Pretty simple, but for me and my taste buds it's a lot better than any other iced tea on the market.