Guest Review: Mengding Gan Lu "Sweet Dew"

After sampling this green tea from a co-worker and enjoying the flavor, I added Mengding Gan Lu to my list of spring teas to order.  Gan Lu or “Sweet Dew” is one of the oldest teas in continuous production and grows in the Mengding mountain peaks of Sichuan Province.  I ordered the tea from TeaSpring – an importer out of California and the tea arrived in a sealed gold bag. 

The dry leaves have a small, twisted, multi-colored budset, which after infusion produce a light yellow-gold cup.  This tea has a bit more of the lighter tips than the sample from my co-worker, so may be from an earlier harvest.  But they are fairly similar in appearance. 

So how does it taste?  The aroma of the dry tea, the aroma of the infusion, and the taste from the cup are all consistent.  This is one of those teas that you hold under your nose and enjoy between sips.  It has a sweet aroma and flavor as the name would imply, and to me it is a chocolaty sweetness that also lingers on in a satisfying aftertaste.  The flavor is more complex than that, but that is the predominant flavor comparison.  This is a very pleasant and distinctive green tea that I was fortunate to be introduced to and quickly fell in love with.  Mengding Gan Lu has now entered into my pantheon of Chinese green teas!

- Bob Johnson