Bai ying shan "Hidden Song" Sheng Puerh

I have really, really enjoyed the wealth of information and engaging (online) personality that Crimson Lotus Tea has given to the tea world. I have been meaning to purchase tea from this husband and wife team, based out of Washington, and I finally had the chance to a few months ago.

In addition to a tea pet (much needed), what drew me to finally getting an order together was the awesome puerh education bundles that they have put together. I got the "What is Puerh?" set which includes a young raw/sheng puerh, an aged raw/sheng puerh, and a shou puerh sample, mainly to use them as demonstration tools. I also purchased the "Sheng Leaf Grade" set, which provides samples 1-4 of sheng puerh leaf grades.

The final item I purchased was the Baiying "Hidden Song" 2015 sheng puerh cake. I had seen this cake featured on TeaDB, in a video guest staring Glen and Dawa. The price point was right, and I have been drinking a lot of young sheng, mainly from White2Tea. According to Crimson Lotus:

Bai Ying Shan, or White Warbler Mountain, is a remote high altitude tea growing region in Lincang Prefecture. This mountain has more than 10 unique varietals of camellia sinensis. This puerh is a special blend we perfected while we were living with the farmers this year. We blended from a few different varietals with the goal of maximizing flavor, aroma, aftertaste, and energy. We worked with them ourselves to pick and process this puerh. The picking and processing is 100% done by hand. This puerh has been direct sun dried for 2 days.

We chose to call this puerh “Hidden Song”. The mountain is named for the white warbler songbird common to the area. The bird is often heard, but rarely seen. This hidden song was the inspiration for the name of this puerh.