Tea Review: 2015 Yunnan Sourcing "Ying Shan Hong" Purple Black Tea and Snow Chrysanthemum

It happened. I broke by cha hai. The one that I've been using for years, beautiful with its tea stained glass.

Oh well, time to order another one and get some tea while I'm at it! For teaware, I looked around at other vendors but ultimately reverted back to Yunnan Sourcing. Keep in mind that's yunnansourcing.us not yunnansourcing.com. That's a mistake that will cost you a hefty shipping fee and a long wait.

After purchasing a new cha hai, I looked around to see what I could add to my order to justify the shipping price. I tossed in some featured 2014/2015 sheng puerh touchas, but I was really after another purple puerh cake to replace a 2012 purple Yi Wu cake that I really enjoyed. While searching, I stumbled across the Ying Shan Hong, a purple black tea with snow chrysanthemum for only $9 per 100g cake! Why not give it a chance? Per YS:

The taste is floral and sweet with a thick burgundy red tea soup that soothes the mouth and throat with a layer of tea and flower oils and tannins.

Strong cha qi!

Now, I normally would not order a tisane tea (purely my preference), but for $9, some marketing cha qi speak, and some intriguing photos, I went ahead and ordered it.