Tea Review: Big Leaf Bamboo by White2Tea

When asked by my wife what I'd like for Christmas, my response was immediate:

Anything by White2Tea

I have already owned up to my fanboy-ism over the curator of puerh and other Chinese teas, White2Tea. I absolutely believe that the hype is real. 2Dog consistently provides new and interesting teas, intriguing and beautiful packaging & marketing, and objectively well received tea. The tea community, as I see it, loves what 2Dog creates and it is representative of "new school puerh" by paying homage to traditional processing, while putting a modern spin through making creative blends and catchy marketing.

Never has this been more true than for Big Leaf Bamboo. This is a traditional bamboo-pressed tea, packaged in a highly intriguing design.

Before we go any further - READ THIS POST.

Seeing this tea be made before my very eyes on their Instagram, this became my white whale (no pun intended). After running out of Old Bear I also thought this would be a terrific replacement.