Summer Gongfu Tea Series Concludes!

There you have it! I want to personally thank everyone who came to the 10 tea events that took place this summer at Rhino Coffee. Not only did all of the classes sell out before the first one was even hosted, but I was overwhelmed with the response by people who didn't make the sign up cut. All in all, 40 people attended 10 classes to learn about the basics of tea.

I had the opportunity to meet new people, find fellow tea fanatics in Shreveport, and learn new things about the teas that were served. Speaking of which, as an FYI the teas we had were:

Note: I always try to change up tea vendors and tea types. I am not beholden to any vendor nor do I profit from any sales.

So what's next? As I await the opening of the NEW Rhino Coffee location downtown to open, I have already stated plotting new classes. It really depends on several factors, but I am hoping to do several repeated classes in the late fall/early winter. Per usual, the best way to know about upcoming events is to follow Shreveport Tea on Facebook & Instagram.

Again, thank you all for coming. As they say - Shreveport shows up.