2016 The Treachery of Storytelling Pt.2 by White2Tea

I'm not going to mark this a 'Tea Review' as it is more of a tea session between friends.

I was recently contacted by a fellow Louisiananian, Louisianan, Louisian-ian,....Louisiana Resident, who is also interested in tea. Unlike me, who discovered tea by thumbing through the pages of the Upton quarterly catalogue, @cavemanking knew right from the get go that curated, "new age puer" vendors were selling what he was interested in buying. Living in Monroe, he was on his way to Dallas and wanted to stop by Shreveport before carrying on. We met up at Rhino Coffee with another friend who I met through my tea classes.

The tea that @cavemanking aka Jeff ended up bringing was White2Tea's 2016 The Treachery of Storytelling Pt.2. This was by far the most expensive tea that I've had. Typically, every season I purchase a number of samples from different vendors, doubling down with a puer cake order only when I think it's a good deal or something that I don't want to miss. At $369.00/200grams or $1.85 per gram, this takes a hobby that is usually quite cost effective compared to other ones, into new territory.

What makes Storytelling Pt.2 so intriguing for the tea community is that rather than go though a flowery description, touting 1,000 year old tea treas, or creating a mythos; W2T simply describes this tea as "A blend of raw Puer material."

Jaw drop. Gasp.

You're looking at $10 worth of tea

You're looking at $10 worth of tea

We sat down for a marathon session in the muggy Louisiana summer, getting tea drunk and enjoying each others company. You can read Jeff's intriguing review on Steepster here. I think we all agreed that the tea was too young, but we don't want to wait damnit!

I believe Jeff has retired this tea into storage for the next several years. I do hope that he gives me a call when he busts it out again.