Tea Review: Brown Sugar by White2Tea

SHIT, DAMN, MOTHERFUCKER. That's what one is supposed to exclaim while drinking Brown Sugar from White2Tea. I know what you're thinking "enough of the White2Tea already!" but no, I won't stop. I can't because it's too good.

Shu puer by definition receives a binary reaction tea drinkers - love it or hate it. I've really been gravitating to the darker sheng puerhs from W2T like Old Bear. I've had shu before several times, but I've never gone off the deep end by investing in a high quality one.

What can I say? It's thick, bitter, and kicks like a mule. The fermentation for this tea is only at 65%, so it does make it more approachable than other shu that isn't controlled as skillfully. If you're looking to take a walk on the shu side, I'd suggest this tea. Maybe just because of the great packaging.