Tea Review: Jin Xuan Oolong by Beautiful Taiwan Tea Co.

Man, I can't get enough of Jin Xuan, or "Milk Oolong" these days. I love the bright and smooth flavor of these teas. They're like the IPAs of the tea world - often scorned for being "nuclear green" and overrated, but if they're done right and balanced they are phenomenal.

I really wanted to try out Beautiful Taiwan Tea Co. as I have heard nothing but praise from those who are also seeking fresh high-elevation oolong. Their Alishan Roasted Jin Xuan exceeded my expectations, mainly due to the monster leaves and consistent quality throughout the samples I received. Oh yeah, and I got a sticker.

I think the photos really speak for themselves. This was everything I was looking for in a high quality oolong: uniform, intact leaves; buttery sweet and smooth taste; and the fun of watching the tightly rolled tea unravel into brilliant leaves.