Tea Review: Mengsong Black Tea vs. Mengson Puerh Tea by White2Tea

Right off the bat let me say that White2Tea's subscription is totally worth it. The quality and quantity of the teas you receive really do meet or exceed the monthly price. For teanerds like me, this June 2016 tea subscription represents EXACTLY why I signed up. Let's let 2Dog explain:

I happened upon a tea producer in Mengson who was using their spring production to make both a raw Puer tea and black tea. The material is from the same farmer, same location, but different processing was used to make the finished tea. I thought it would be a fun educational opportunity to do some comparisons of the same leaf made into different teas, so I had them both pressed into 50 gram mini-cakes for the tea club.

For me, this is what makes tea so endlessly interesting. The same leaves, processed differently, resulting in wildly different flavors with nothing added in. Just the skill of the hands that made it.

I had to whip out two glass gaiwans to do a side by side comparison, even though there is technically nothing to compare since they are two different styles of tea. I still thought it would be interesting to see if I could detect any nuanced simlarity between the two.

This was a fun tea experience, but there weren't any detectable similarities between the teas. I think they make handy education tools when explaining to people new to tea how one tea plant can create vastly different flavors just from processing.

If you're truly interested in getting a curated and high-quality tea delivered to your door every month, I can't recommend White2Tea's service enough.