Tea Review: Tie Guan Yin by Origins Tea

Time to rock the boat, you ready??

I'm not a big Tie Guan Yin fan. There I said it. Whether it's a roasted Chinese yancha style or lightly oxidized Taiwanese-style, I just prefer other similar teas. Then again, I've only had samples from vendors that are on my unpublished shit-list, so that may be a factor.

At any rate, I was looking for Origins Tea to change my mind on the matter. Their version is a lightly oxidized tea from Ali Shan region in Taiwan. At 1,200 meters it certainly is a high mountain tea, and with that the expectation for a floral, butter-bomb is high.

The tea is not as dark or charred as it appears in the photos. It really has a full mouthfeel that is floral. I have to say that it's my favorite Tie Guan Yin to date, even though the bar is low, and I would certainly add it to a future order from them.