Tea Review: Yu Chi Red Jade by Origins Tea

A few months ago I was contacted by a new tea outfit Origins Tea (Facebook & Instagram) about receiving some samples of their tea and letting you good people know what I thought of them. I've received this offer in the past and because I'm a cruel sonofabitch, some don't make it on the site. Since this is a hobby and not a business, I don't feel obligated to get behind a tea that I don't really like.

Fortunately for Origins Tea (and You!) I really have enjoyed all the their teas immensely. I'll let James Chang, the owner introduce himself:

A year ago, my father introduced me to some high mountain oolong, and like everyone else, my tea experience went from bagged teas at Tim Hortons to delicious loose leaf tea! My world changed, and I tried to get my hands on the best teas as I could.

Origins Tea is focusing on Taiwanese oolongs, and sent me several varieties including Tie Guan Yin, Shui Xian, Oriental Beauty, and the Yu Chi Red Jade featured here. The Red Jade is a "Ruby #18" cultivar also known as Brandy Oolong for its dark color and sweet yet spicy liquor.

What gets me on this tea, and really all of Origins Tea samples, is the leaves. For this tea, the brewed leaves and wonderfully uniform and have a sheen on them like a wet seal. Leathery, velvety, and give every indication that they'll last forever - which they do.



Man, just looking at the last photo of the brewed leaves gives me fond memories of that session. I guess that's a good sign ;). PLEASE give Origins Tea a like on Facebook and a follow on Instagram (he's a new company that needs some exposure) and consider them when you're thinking about ordering some oolong.